Saturday, July 26, 2008

quick update.

Last night she slept from 8 pm-8 am!

We were redeemed. But not after a long, tiring, day.

Mike worked 11 hours, i was sick all day and throwing up. Mike brought me OJ from work, drank it down, we decided to go to the grocery store, I promptly threw up all of the OJ in the garbage in the parking garage on our way out of the house.

We drove by Red Robin and mike wanted it so we stopped because it sounded fine to me as well, then they were out of highchairs, we finally got one, then we were seated next to a family with 3 little, yet loud, boys. They kept yelling "baby incorporated" at lacey. I have no idea what that means but it was annoying. The parents didn't do anything. Lacey was a little freaked out. Then a couple came and sat down at another table near us. She was pregnant...maybe 20 something weeks. Her husband was endearingly rubbing her belly. cute? well at that moment all i was thinking is "you guys have no idea what you are in for" but it was cute none the less.

went to the store, came home, and now mike has 2 glorious days off.


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Rose C said...

Ugh! OJ! So sorry it came back up!

I hope that baby #2 is a piece of cake!