Tuesday, July 29, 2008

when you have the flu.

you are expected to lay on the couch, sipping 7up, snoozing, and eating crackers and popsicles. Typically 24-48 hours later you are good as new and usually crave some "real food" like cheetos (well, that's what I always want).

when you have morning sickness...

you are expected to wake at the crack of dawn and either head off to work or care for your child(ren) at home. You must feed them, bathe them, change diapers (while gagging). Your husband expects you to clean, and do laundry, and vacuum. Your doctor expects you to gain weight and take vitamins every day, regardless of the fact that they make you violently ill (light-headed, nauseas, shaky, all in order to throw them up). And the best part? This lasts for weeks on end.

So next time your tummy feels a bit queasy from the flu bug. Just think, you could feel like this for the next 3 months. Then count out how long that will be. Its a very long time.

I have not been able to keep anything down for close to 16 hours. Life is not fun right now.


Rose C said...

THis is going to be one crazy baby!

Annie said...

Lacey was worse for morning sickness...if you can believe that!

Andrea said...

Yucky. I never want the flu. And I definitely don't want any MS Thank.You.Very.Much