Friday, July 11, 2008


Do you know what is worse then having a cute, yet fussy/clingy baby?

Having the mentioned baby and being sick.

Anyhoo, we have an issue on our hands here. See we have this one cord in our living room. Lacey goes for it constantly. At first I started out by saying a firm "Lacey, No-Thank you" She laughs at me. Then we progressed to an even firmer "Lacey No!" no luck. So then people tell me, to say no and give their hand a little slap. So then I tried that. Its still not working. She LAUGHS. Any suggestions?? She just crawls straight for it.


Andrea said...

We have the same issue (the cord, not the sick baby)...
I don't know how much she understands no at this point, and I don't think she's really supposed to, so we just say no and remove her from the area/thing that's a no-no. I know it's not easy with the placement of some things so we've built a make-shift fort in front of some stuff she's not allowed to touch - out of sight, out of mind being our train of thought. so far so good. oh, our fort is a laundry basket full of clean clothes as they'r ewaiting to be folded. ... i always have one of those around here somewhere, so it works great! Solves my problem of where to put it... and we always have one! ha ha!

Rose C said...

We had that issue too, SO HARD! We are still experiencing it, but we did cover it with a blanket (sometimes) for his toys, and a pac n play.