Monday, July 14, 2008

Diaper Stripping

I need to strip my diapers because they stink when lacey 'uses' them.

If you have done this can you tell me what your process is? My plan is to keep washing the diapers on hot with no detergent maybe 4 or 5 times (or until I can see no suds in the water). Is this correct? I know you can use Dawn, but we don't have any in the house (we use 7th Generation dish soap and I really don't want to go buy a bottle of Dawn...).

Also....I don't have enough diapers and washing everyday is not a good option for me. I don't have the time. So I need to invest in some new ones. I use only bumgenius right now, but Lacey pulls on the tabs. I would like to try fuzzi bunz since they have snaps. Can you tell me if you like these? And why? And where I can get some for less than $19.99 each?


Andrea said...

Ah, stripping! A thing I became master of about 3 months back! Laura's were SO stinky and she had the nastiest chemical rash to go along with it. I followed the directions from and tweaked it just a tad. I bought a big bottle of sensiclean from them. (yep, I tried the dawn first and it didn't work). So, I bought the sensiclean...

Initial stripping:
Did a (warm) rinse cycle to get the poo off... then did a warm wash with one cap full of sensiclean - then about 8 rinse cycles on warm until I didn't see bubbles anymore in the water. It worked for us.

Now I just do a lesser stripping once a month to keep on top of the stink.

Maintainence stripping:
I do one capfull of sensiclean in a wash and then about 4 rinse cycles.

I find that our (3) BG AIO's stink up a lot faster than our FBs... I like that I can JUST strip the FB liners if those stink and the shells aren't bad.

I picked a lot of our dipes up on diaperswappers for about $13... and I got the other bunch before the new design of FBs came out so I found them cheap... not sure where to find new ones cheaper though!

Andrea said...

oh, and after the initial stripping incident I switched from liquid tide to powder tide - that was a recommendation from mandy (owner of jillians drawers). I talked to her and she said a powder is more likely to dissolve than a strong spot of the liquid on a dipe.

Rose C said...

I love FB! I get them at for $17, free shipping and ree inserts.