Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day in the Life.

Baby Bunchers Unite! I was challenged to describe a "typical" day in the life of 2 under 2. Here we go! Lacey is 23 months (almost) Miles is 6.5 months.

7:30 a.m. I am up. Babies #1 and #2 are still asleep. Amen.

7:33 a.m. Lacey (#1) is up.

7:36 a.m. Miles (#2) is up. Let the day begin.

Breakfast: First I make coffee for myself. Then I feed Miles while the coffee is brewing. He went 12 hours of sleep last night, so he is acting starved. Lacey is asking me if she can watch Nemo. Miles finishes eating, I load up my coffee cup. Next I change both their diapers. Lacey cries because she doesn't want to take off her "pink nammas" I don't care, she can keep them on. Miles is puking all over the place, but that's normal. He just does that. So, breakfast...give Lacey a bowl of yogurt and granola. She eats about 1/2 of a bite and says "all done mama" Are you sure? Try to eat another bite. "no mama, all done" Fine. I can't get this girl to eat breakfast. ever.

Kids are happy, so its general play time. I am talking on the phone, making beds, etc. They both have colds, because when one gets it, they both get it. You can't get past that! Constant sneezing and nose wiping today. Change 2 more diapers (of the messy variety).

I have an appointment to get my tires balanced. So I head on out, thinking this will take about 15 minutes. Wrong. I get there and go inside. First Lacey starts throwing a fit because she is scared of anyone who looks at her. She has a vice grip on my hand and will not let go. I am holding Miles and trying to pay the guy with my other hand. Not working so well. Lacey is crying, very loud. Then I ask the guy, how long will it be? Oh about an hour. WHAT. AN HOUR? I have no food with me and Lacey won't tolerate being in the waiting room, so I ask for my keys back to go get the stoller out of the car.

So, where do we go for the next HOUR. Well the only places within walking distance are Home Depot and Kwik Trip (gas station/convenience store). Perfect. We go to Home Depot, Its about 10:45 so I figured we can waste about 1/2 an hour there.

We left Home Depot at 11:02. Somehow walking through there with a stroller and whining kids doesn't work. Miles is at this point missing his nap.

Now its getting close to lunch and I of course didn't bring anything because this was supposed to be a 15 minute appointment right? So I go to kwik trip, get Lace a hot dog and a smoothie and she downs it in record time. Then I notice my car is done! Hooray. We are out of there!!!!

Home. 2 more diapers. Now since lunch is out of the way for Lacey, I just need to feed MIles, put him to bed and then put lacey to bed and I will have a glorious kid free couple of hours. Lacey decides she needs to practically sit on me while I am feeding Miles and putting him down. He doesn't go down easy, but does fall asleep. Lacey doesn't go down easy either, because she keeps coughing. 20 Minutes later Miles is up screaming! Are you joking? Go get him, play with him for a while and then he is fussy so put him back to sleep. Now they are both sleeping. Finally.

I do homework.

Lacey is up, change diaper. Husband comes home. Miles wakes up, change diaper.

We went out to eat. Everyone did just fine. Miles was a little fussy, but he's 6 months old so attention span is short. Then we went to whole foods and Lacey found cheetos, which we just had to have.

Came home, change diapers. both kids were SO CRABBY. Put Nemo on for Lacey. Tried to keep miles content for a little bit longer. Too lazy to give them baths. Threw them in bed (okay no we didn't). Mike put Lacey to bed, I put Miles to bed. 2 more diapers.

Mike made cookies. and I ate 3 cookies.

Folded 4 loads of laundry.

Watched 2 re-runs of the office.

Did some more homework.

Went to bed!

I changed 10 diapers. I would say that's on the low end of average. Usually its 12-14. That isn't cheap (or fun). But we were on the go a lot.

Your Turn!


Kristen said...

I am SO not ready for that yet ! You deserve an award.

Rose said...

Since my due date is, ahem, in 31 minutes, I'll do this soon.