Thursday, September 10, 2009

my little girl

This little girl is pretty special.

She's very helpful when it comes to watering plants.

She acts like she wants to eat a cookie,
before deciding she isn't a chocolate fan.
Just like mom.

And she's pretty classy. She does lunch in
downtown Minneapolis.

right by Target Corp.

She thinks Target is pretty cool.
Just like mom.

But then one night she was up.
This special little girl got sick.
Wear pajamas all day sick,

nap in the car with our face covered up sick.

fall asleep on the couch during
sesame street sick.

But today, after 5 lethargic days, high fevers, and not eating,
she is better. 90% better.
Mom is happy.
like REALLY, REALLY, happy.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Awe... I love the sleeping on the couch pic. So glad she's feeling better! So many (blogger friends) kids I "Know" are sick with this fever bug lately.