Tuesday, September 22, 2009

this and that.

We found a place to rent. I love it. It's in the neighborhood we want to be in, has 3 bedrooms, remodeled kitchen and bath, attached garage, wood burning fireplace, french doors in the living room, wood floors, free laundry, and tons of storage. Oh and its a tudor (I am slightly obsessed with tudors). We are just waiting for our applications to come back. Oh and she is very flexible on lease terms, meaning that we can still look for our own place come spring, if we want to. THIS makes me happy.

Therefore we decided not to buy right now. We can't find anything anyway. I am way, way, WAY, too busy with school to remodel. THAT is the truth.

Miles isn't falling asleep on his own well anymore. He is chewing on everything. THIS can only mean one thing....teeth. Hoping they come through soon.

Lacey is now a fan of Dora the Explorer. I must admit, this was my own doing. I kind of forced it on her, but i am SO, SO, SO sick of watching Finding Nemo. I was desperate okay. There is nothing wrong with THAT.

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Kristen said...

Congrats on the new rental...it sounds wonderful!