Sunday, September 27, 2009


As if there weren't enough ploys and marketing scams on the market for new (or seasoned) mothers. Enfamil needs to go ahead and come up with something like this:

Enfamil Restfull- designed to digest more slowly so your baby stays full longer and sleeps longer.


We all know that breast is best. It is. I'm not even going to go there.

But I, like many mothers, feed my baby formula, my own choice, but also dictated by medicines that I take. Formula is already a multi-million dollar industry, and so let's just ignore the absurd idea that they now want you to buy a special formula for nighttime.

This disgusts me and I hope Enfamil rethinks and pulls it.

First, since when are young babies supposed to be sleeping through the night? They are supposed to wake up and eat for many reasons. Secondly, why on earth would you want to give your baby something that is designed to digest more slowly, something that will be more difficult on their little tummys (and what on earth did they add to this to make it digest more slowly, I don't even want to know)?

If your baby isn't sleeping though the night a special formula won't solve your problems.

Being patient with them and loving them, will.

Any thoughts?


Andrea said...

It's most likely just for making money. Having somethign "new" out there to draw in more sales.

I bet they put clay in it.

They're probably in a scheme with Miralax or Colace or something....
"You get them plugged up - and then they'll come to us to get them unplugged..."


Stephanie said...

I totally agree. ugh.

Rose said...

Andrea is on to something.

Annie said...

if you can't deal with a child who doesn't sleep well, you probably shouldn't have had one!