Friday, September 18, 2009

short sale update

the price opinion came back high.

$31,000 higher than our offer, which is what the bank takes as Gospel, so they countered our offer at the price opinion.

It's too high for us, considering the house needs work.

Funny thing is, they want us to counter or accept by Monday or they have to "de-activate" the file. I find that VERY rude since we have been waiting on THEM since May.


It may be off the table. We may counter back and meet them halfway. We don't know.

I am going back and forth, questioning whether or not I could even take on a remodeling job like that right now (or ever), 2 kids who need constant interaction/supervision, hours of studying etc.

But then we KNOW that we can walk into that house, without lifting a finger, and re-sell it for $30,000 more, and obviously we could make more money if we do some work.

You can't say that about many houses in the market right now.

I will update when we make a decision.

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