Sunday, September 26, 2010


Welcome to September. Here is our day. On this particular day I decided to document, we had a BAD day. One of those days you just want to run away, with your hands over your ears, and sit in silence.

It all started at 6:52 am...which I totally get is NOT that early.

And this is what I woke up to! 2011 Individual Income Tax.
It's super exciting. It really is.

When the kids woke up, I wouldn't describe them as happy.

Unhappy was a little more their style on this particular day.

I was stressed, and they were crabby. Miles was teething, and in the mood for NOTHING. Plus I woke up to messes galore, which is probably one of the worst feelings imaginable.

Mike calls this bench, my bench. It is not necessarily my stuff, but rather it is stuff he doesn't know what to do with, or doesn't want to deal with, so he leaves it for me. (I kid you not, this is what he told me).

Oh, I had a bunch of clean laundry to fold too.

And no kids' dishes.

They were all here. Dirty. This IS a good day!

Can you tell he's feeling it? I seriously don't know if he could be any more grouchy.

On this day in September, Miles threw THREE tantrums in the first 30 minutes he was awake. Below, is number three.

Somehow (by the grace of God), we made through the morning. we got dressed, found something to eat, washed dishes, cleaned up the bench and folded laundry.

We also watched TV which is quite evident below.

On this day in September, we also ate homemade macaroni and cheese for lunch, with grapes on the side. We found it quite fun to put our cup in our bowl and drink that way.

Really. It was fun.

On this day in September, it was pouring rain all day, so we made a fort.

Then we put Miles down for his nap, and Lacey and I did 30 day shred. Level 3. It was hard.

Then we colored. Because that is what this little girl LOVES to do!

She's pretty good at staying in the lines.

After Miles woke up from his nap, it was her turn to be crabby. She was in and out of her room for the next 45 minutes or so. It was rough.

I heard a lot of screaming on this September day.

I made corn chowder for dinner, which was a medium hit. Next Daddy came home and ate. Finally the rain eased up so we pulled on our rain boots and went to find some splashing puddles!

Starting with small ones, but we found some bigger ones too!

Swinging with Dad, always a hit!

We came inside because Miles kept sitting in the puddles. He was soaked, but it wasn't warm enough out to be walking around soaking wet. They were in bed by 7:55, which means Mike and I were able to watch some season premieres in peace. It was rather amazing.

So this was our day in September. It was a tough day. At least the first half!


Andrea said...

so glad to see i'm not the only one whose couch looks like that with the clean laundry all over it.

Mrs. B. said...

You know what I love? The honesty here.
The temper tantrums and (as Andrea said) laundry on the couch (mine too!).
Your jumping in the puddles looks like the perfect way to end the day.

Thanks for linking up!