Friday, September 3, 2010

What's going on over here.

It seems that we have made the quick flip from blistering hot summer, to brisk, cool, fall. It seemed fitting that the last really warm day was August 31st. I am personally pleased with the beautiful, cool weather we've been having. Nothing makes me quite as happy as sweaters and boots.

We've solved the daycare dilemma. Initially, we had decided to go ahead and hire someone and take the money out of our Christmas fund. Which I know sounds totally depressing, but we figured we have quite a bit of time to reimburse that fund. Then a couple of Mike's employees, whom both I and the kids know pretty well, came over for dinner and told us that they would just alternate Saturday's. So we decided to go this route. We'll still be paying them the same, but this way we have a little more flexibility if my parents take them one week, or if Mike takes a Saturday off. That way we'll save a bit of money because they aren't counting on this so much. Mike will just schedule them to work at the store if we don't need them!

You know that "free" money I talked about. Uggs, strollers, and hair color? Well, scratch that for now. I got the stroller (and we love it), but the uggs and the hair color will have to wait. Boo. But I had to spend an extra $127 on school, so there.

So, classes start next week, I am still researching, applying, interviewing, networking, hoping and praying for a job. Most hires happen in October, so after Labor Day is when things start getting intense. I think they should do their hiring in the summer so I'd have one less thing to worry about!

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Mrs. B. said...

My hair color is on the back burner's not pretty.

(you've been awarded @ my blog.) :)