Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This Hair is No Joke

In case you're curious how we spend our mornings,

we generally spend a lot of time working on this mess.

Can you blame me if I leave the house, hair uncombed, on occasion.
It's a piece of work!


Andrea said...

This is why I had a "boy" haircut when I was little.
Do you use conditioner in her hair in the bath? We stopped using baby/kid shampoo for Laura and she uses whatever shampoo/conditioner I use (currently herbal essences!) and her hair combs through SO much better!

Annie said...

hmmm. good tip. we do use kid shampoo and conditioner and detangling spray. Plus she sleeps on a satin pillowcase...

I am worried about getting regular shampoo in her eyes, how do you avoid that?

Andrea said...

we just have her tip her head back and carefully pour it so it doesn't go on her face at all.