Sunday, September 19, 2010

they call it balance.

We've had this discussion in our house lately about who has more pressing things to do. With only 2 weeks of school under my belt, I am already feeling the crunch. Twelve credits, plus preparing for multiple job interviews, working on projects, keeping the house clean, and of course hanging with my babies, all takes its toll and has major responsibilities.

Of course my husband is working 50 hours a week, in the middle of a company franchise, interviewing with another company, and trying to fit in some side work on a weekly basis. He's busy too.

But here is my problem. For the last 3 weeks my husband has had to be working on his "days off" which means that I have been home with the kids for nearly 21 days straight. I appreciate that he's usually here in the evenings. The fact that he is working and making extra money sn't totally the problem because I chose to have kids, so I expect to be here with them and take care of them, (plus the additional money is great). However, I frequently get the "I just need to get this finished so I can get it off my mind and relax." This is my problem and this morning I finally realized why that bothered me so much.

Imagine if you will, having a list of things that you are falling behind on, and every time you think you are going to get the opportunity to work on it, something comes up. Someone else has things that are more important. That's my problem. The things I need to get done aren't of much importance. I am having to stay here and try to figure out a way to read 3 pages of Income Tax while the kids amazingly occupy themselves for those few precious moments. Reading textbooks 2 pages at a time throughout the day isn't what I had in mind when I say I am studying. Stress levels are running high, the list keeps growing. Not a fight. Just a frustration. Juggling has a whole new meaning.

I think he "got it" this morning, so hopefully we can find a little more balance in the weeks to come. Anyone else struggle with balance and juggling of life?

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