Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Really the word can send shivers down many spines.

I've always been stuck with the toughest math teachers. I took advanced Algebra freshman year of high school and my teacher was anal. We were to:
-use college ruled paper
-holes were to always be on the left side
-we were to only use a pencil
-we were not allowed a calculator
-we were to show all of our work
- and our equals signs as we worked each problem were to always line up.
Not so ironically, all this thing are very, very normal to me now.

Which is a pleasure since I have to take math this semester. Wait. Finite Math. (I am really not sure how finite math is different than any other math I've taken. All I know is that 1) I shouldn't have to take it because I know all this stuff from previous math classes and 2) They are making me take it if I want to graduate in December).

So during last night's lecture, I just worked review problems. 61 problems in just under an hour, I think he went through 3 problems with the class. See, it's simple stuff! Thank you Mr. Montgomery from 9th grade algebra for making this second nature!

(oh, and Miles can count to 9. It's the cutest thing EVER)!

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