Monday, September 20, 2010

just try yoga

Last Thursday I attended the Accounting and Auditing Student Conference held here in Minneapolis.

I went to a "behind close doors" panel, which basically is people working in the field, telling you everything you'd ever want to know what it's really like.

Well, since accountants notoriously work 60+ hours a week during busy season, I thought I'd ask a question about work/life balance. Seems simple right. So how does someone manage relationships, spouse, and family while working so much?

1) Look at me like I am crazy. Really crazy.
2) Tell me that (hahaha) you aren't married (hahaha). Apparently that's a funny idea.
3) Suggest I take a yoga class to relax.

Right. Because when I am working 60 hours a week, the first thing I want to do is leave my family alone a little bit longer while I go to a yoga class.

Think again.

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Bri said...

Best of both worlds!