Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baby Morgan Blanket

Did anyone grow up with a thermal type blanket with satin trim? I know I am not the only one.

When I was pregnant with Lacey my mom picked one up for her to have and it instantly became her favorite blanket. Naturally, when Miles came along, I wanted another one, in blue, for him.

He's in love with it too. I am pretty sure both my kids would marry these blankets.

I have to strategically wash them around nap times and bedtimes.

So a few weeks ago I got to thinking about daycare and bringing our blankets there. They will have to have them to sleep. Suddenly all these terrible thoughts of forgetting our blankets at daycare, or the blankets getting stomped on and dragged around by other kids, was freaking me out. Nothing.can.happen.to.these.blankets. No one in this house would sleep. I needed a back up.

My mom bought our first round of blankets at JCPenny's and Lacey's tag still shows the brand, Bright Future. But after checking 3 different Penny's and having no luck I began to get a little worried. No problem I thought, I'll just find one online. Well, wouldn't you know it. These blankets, originally called a Baby Morgan blanket, are COVETED, rare, and really hard to find.

The company went out of business a few years ago (I think 2007), and they companies carrying these blankets have just been selling off the remainders since then. So Lacey's was purchased in 2007 and Miles' was purchased in the fall of 2008. But now we are in 2011 and eBay is the only place to get them.

For $50-$95 a piece.

I threw up a little when I saw that.

I refuse to believe that I couldn't find something at a better price. A little bit of Internet searching later and I found these for $12.99. I'll let you know if they come close.

At least we now have a back-up.


The Bagals said...


satin trim blankie

Annie said...

Thanks! I actually ordered the ones from Dillards. This one looks like it has a fleece center rather than a thermal. Comfy blanket though!

Stephanie said...

Cut them in half. Makes 2 blankies, easier to carry them without kids dragging them everywhere. Olivia's blankets are now 1/4 of their original size and she's been fine with the transition and now I simply do a clean one each night before bed.

The Kendall Chronicles said...

I was wondering if the blankets from Dillards came close to the Baby Morgan blankets. Please let me know. Thanks!

Shawna said...

Thanks so much for the tip. I'm a grandma who raised her children on Baby Morgan and have managed to find one for each of the grandkids. I was afraid this new one was going to have to settle from something much less. This was a great find.

Shawna said...

Thanks so much. The baby morgan blankets are a family tradition and I have been trying to find something close for a new grand baby. YOu saved the day.

k said...

I'd LOVE to know if you liked the one from Dillards. I can't tell if it's brushed acrylic (softer) or not. My baby girl & I thank you for the info!

Jennifer Cardinal said...

Thank you so much for the tip! I just discovered the outrageous prices on ebay too and I'm so glad I found your post. I grew up with a Baby Morgan blanket and have been wondering why I couldn't find one for my little girl. I am planning on ordering this one from Dillards. Thanks again!

hbelle521 said...
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hbelle521 said...

Have you been able to find these lately? I could not find them on Dillards website. Of course they are on ebay...still VERY PRICEY!!!

The Orchards said...

The blankets from Dillards and JCPenney.com are similar but not the same. they are not as big or as soft as the Baby Morgan/Bright Future brands. but they are still nice.