Monday, December 27, 2010

I start work next week.

So weird to say that! But I am really excited!

A little nervous. My mom is coming to stay for the week so the kids won't be starting daycare until Jan. 11th. Mike has to go to Chicago for work, and we figured with a new job for me, and him traveling, and the kids starting in on a new routine we might be very overwhelmed. No, we would most certainly be overwhelmed!

I am actually not nervous about the job or about the daycare situation. The thing I am most nervous about is the hectic mornings. Early wake ups, fights to get dressed, loading into a cold car (in the dark), driving in traffic, the drop off, driving in more traffic, just to arrive at work. I figure it will take about 45 minutes once we leave the house, for me to get to work. Gross. I hate traffic. At least my car will be warm when I get there!

So, if you have any tips for making the mornings run a little smoother, please let me know!!

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snh said...

well...I don't have any tips for the kids, per se, but overall, the best morning timesaver I have is getting everything ready the night before! Getting clothes out, lunches packed, bags packed, coffee ready to brew, etc. And I always wake up a little earlier than Brad so I can feel like I have some time to wake up before starting a busy day.