Friday, December 17, 2010

Meeting Newborns

Don't you just LOVE meeting a newborn baby? I do! Meeting someone else's newborn baby isn't as amazing as meeting your own, but it is still fantastic.

We got to meet our friends' 9 day old baby girl last night and she was SOOO PRECIOUS. Almost made me want another one...


When someone has their first baby I love the innocence that surrounds it. Bringing home your first baby for the first time is absolutely magical. Not to say that having other children isn't as wonderful, but there is something absolutely marvelous about that first baby. You can just sit and sit and sit for hours with them, rock them, nap with them, feed them, and just relax.

But here is the thing. As I was holding baby Olive, Lacey and Miles were ALL OVER ME. It was not relaxing at all. AT. ALL. That's why the first baby is so magical, you get them all to yourself. There are no other mouths to feed, bodies to get dressed, hands to wash, projects to be created, etc. It's just you and them. And realizing how much work it would be having 2 small ones and a newborn scares me.


And while some women are Super Mom and can handle all of that and blossom through it. I would not. I told Mike that in 8 years I may want another baby. Maybe just one more to hold and spoil. Maybe. But for now I am 100% content watching new parents love and learn with their newborns, while I can cruise over and hold them, or babysit for a couple of hours so the new parents can get a break.

There is still something addictive about a newborn baby though. I don't think that will ever go away!

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