Friday, December 17, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things--for winter!

Ashley posted about a few of her favorite things, and I thought I'd join in. I'll do a little spin though, and list some of MY (read: not for the kids) favorite things to make it through the cold and the snow.

1) A really good lotion- I reach for Eurcerin Intensive Repair lotion- winter air is dry, dry, dry. Regular 'daily lotions' won't cut it for me. I'll wake up itchy in the middle of the night. Instead, I go all the way to the ultimate lotion. This is fan.tas.tic.

2) A really good coat- I have a black North Face down winter jacket, I believe it is called the "Destiny Down". No matter what, if you live somewhere as cold or as snowy as Minnesota, you need to stay warm. It will run you about $200-$250, but probably one of the best investments ever. I am never cold with this jacket. It was -10 the other morning, and I was a-okay!

3) A really good pair of gloves- This goes right along with a good coat. Those fingers need to stay warm! Bulky gloves are out of the question, since I have to buckle kids in and out of car seats. Those $1 Target gloves will work, but they aren't doing much for keeping your hands warm! (Really, do they do anything)? So my glove of choice are these Smartwool Cozy Gloves. They aren't thick, and you may wonder how on earth they'll keep your hands warm, but it must be something to do with the 100% merino wool. I have bad circulation, and my fingers usually would get tingly and numb with cheap gloves, but these babies keep my fingers nice and toasty. I'll never use anything else again! Again- small investment at $30, but they are sooo good you'll never let them out of your sight!

4) Really good hot beverages- I think it is super important to constantly be drinking something hot during winter. I have a steady stream of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or even just hot water, heading down my throat. (Sipping hot water was the one thing that made me less nauseous when I was pregnant, so I have really fond memories of it).

And the daddy of all hot drinks the infamous: White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha- duh. These are the best when going for a walk in the cold. Take a sip, swallow, then breathe in some cold air. The peppermint wakes you up :)

5) Really good reads- what else are you going to do when you are stuck inside? You could watch football, but gross. One of my favorite blogs is Her Bad Mother. I find she has a very interesting writing style and doesn't just write about Mommy Blog type writing (meaning, she is not a mommy blog, although she IS a mom and writes about her kids often). Check out these articles from her: She and The Bad Mother Manifesto. She makes me want to be a better mother, not in a "look at these fantastic and fun adventures I go on with my kids" type of way, but in a "As mothers what we are doing is critically important. It's the most important work we will ever do. Let's invest in our children, let's raise them to be fantastic, let's rejoice that we are all different, all make different decisions, but all love our kids" type of way.

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Mrs. B. said...

Such a great list! I love everything on it. Although (thankfully) we don't have much need for heavy duty coats around here - the gloves would be lovely.