Tuesday, August 3, 2010

15 Things

15. My daughter doesn't sleep, therefore I don't sleep.

14. Lacey's hair can fit in a ponytail now and it's the cutest thing EVER.

13. When I get bored, I rearrange furniture.

12. Admittedly, I am over summer. I want it to be fall.

11. Don't remind me of saying this come January. I'll remember.

10. I could never live where it was hot year round.

9. There was a spider crawling on me this morning when I came in from outside. I freaked.

8. I find weeding therapeutic.

7. I totally want a dog.

6. We'll get a Goldendoodle someday. That's always been our dog of choice.

5. I told Mike, no house buying and no dog buying until I am done with the CPA exams.

4. That'll be a while.

3. I wish we would have been part of a CSA this year.

2. That's Community Supported Agriculture if you didn't know. We'll do it next year.

1. It's almost naptime. Hooray.

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