Thursday, August 19, 2010

I own a giant.

I'm lucky. You see if there is one thing I don't believe in, it's skinny babies or toddlers. Thankfully I don't have to worry about that because I own a giant boy.

I giant I tell you.

(I was going to insert a picture of a giant here, but all of the google images were a little freaky).

He is 29 pounds and 35 inches! Holy Moly! I couldn't believe he was so tall. I knew he was heavy. He did the 18 month Autism screens and passed with flying colors, and didn't get any shots because he has a cold, so we passed on them (he's on a delayed schedule anyway so I have zero concerns if they are delayed further).

Just for kicks, I looked back at Lacey's stats to compare. At 18 months Lacey was 23 pounds and 32 inches. At 24 months she was 29 pounds and 35 inches. I thought that was interesting because 1) that is the exact size of Miles now (although she was 6 months older), AND she didn't slow down, growth wise, until after 2 years (she probably weighs 31 pounds now...). I keep wondering when Miles will slow down and now I know that it may happen in the next few months, or not until after 2. Good to know.

Off to a phone interview! Eeeek!

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Rose said...

big boy! Colin is 30 pounds, 36 inches right now!