Tuesday, August 10, 2010

odds and ends.

Yesterday, I attended "Spend the Day at Baker Tilly." It was the first of (hopefully) many office visits, networking events, and interviews. Their office is downtown and after living in downtown Minneapolis for 5 years, I loooove me some downtown!

It was a good day. Learned a lot about the office and more about the field as well as specific industries. I learned that I don't want to work in not for profit accounting (lots of travel), and I learned that individual and professional services really interests me (more focused on tax, as opposed to audit, and more focused on individuals as opposed to businesses).

What else made it a good day was a break from the kids, because they have seriously been driving me to insanity lately. It's nothing but whining and sibling fighting in the house. I'm nearly losing my mind and I am blaming it on the weather, it's been insanely hot.

And Miles is teething, he's getting his canine teeth (the pointy ones). He'll just stop playing and suddenly start crying and holding his mouth. Poor kid. He also has a cold and is behind on sleep. It's really tons of fun.

Lacey's new habit is speaking like a baby and trying to be her brother's mother (polar opposite actions? yes.), then getting upset when he doesn't listen. But she's been sleeping better so maybe that is what really matters. I don't know.

And I decided I am going to bite the bullet and buy UGGS this fall. I decided that my feet will be warm all winter, and that is worth it. (actually I have a coupon for 20% off at Macy's, and get an additional 20% off because I am a "retired" employee, so they'll be cheap-ish)!

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