Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A day in AUGUST

Saturday, August 21, 2010

We woke up and were a little, okay a lot, crabby.
We had been out late the night before, but still managed to wake up early.
Why does that always happen?
Anyway, I was prepped. Staying out past bedtimes has its consequences, and I knew to expect this. Really just expecting we are going to have a rough and whiny day, makes it less difficult.
I was not surprised when she whined for milk and drank it on the floor...

Then we went to get her brother up. I don't just let my kids sleep in, it throws the entire day off. I get that not every parent would agree with me, but that's okay.
He was still sleeping.

Waking up is hard to do!

But it doesn't take long before this dude is ready to go!

Our friends borrowed the dining room table for some pictures in a house they are selling. We were table-less!
OSo we made our own and the kids thought it was a grand idea!
After a breakfast of oatmeal (pretty much the only thing in the house), we watched Leapfrog's Letter Factory. I don't care what people say about TV dumbing their kids out. This show (although obnoxious) does teach kids their letters and sounds. Miles knows about half!

Oh, we got our table back too!
(That's my to do list on the table, keeps me moving through the day)!

My children were filthy so we had baths!
I am not sure when dual baths become inappropriate, apparently not yet.

He has the greatest boy hair.

Then we decided to get some fresh air and go for a walk.
If I can get them away from the plants and into the stroller.

We live right off of Minnehaha Parkway which is fantastic for letting them run.
Since we don't have a yard, this is probably the next best thing.

Running down hills...

Playing in trees...

Finding yellow leaves...

Time for lunch!
On the menu today was chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries.
Healthy lunch award?
I think not.

They both napped today. Thanks to the late night last night.
Two hours of quiet is bliss for this mom.
Lacey only naps about every other day now.

After naps we decide to build towers with legos.

Apparently hiding in the lego bag is a good time!

Watching some Veggie Tales while I shower.
An uninterrupted shower is like a mini vacation, and this is the only way I get it!

Then we are eating an early dinner because we are picking daddy up from work.
He rode his bike to work this morning.
We have to return some library books and a DVD on the way.

Mac & Cheese

Picking up daddy is fun! He brought Mario and Luigi dolls, which were perfect because Mario has an "m" on his hat for Miles and Luigi has an "l" on his hat for Lacey.

Miles was freaked out of Mario. He kept throwing in on the floor saying "scary mario" it sounded more like "oreo".


and of course dad brings Jamba Juice.

Which they love.
And always pull the straw out and spill it everywhere.

And this is where I stopped taking pictures. I totally forgot after this!

After I picked up mike, he was starving and so we had a coupon for BOGO at Noodles and Company for their new sandwiches. We headed over there. They are SO GOOD.

While we were getting our food, we were invited over to a friends house. They were having a few people over. We cruised down to Burnsville and hung out with some friends and ate pizza (we didn't, they did). We left late and got home around 9:15.

Another late night!


Mrs. B. said...

Love it. :)
I put in movies for showers too. It's totally the only way to do it!
(And we have Letter Factory - obnoxious but educational.) Other than that we try to go TV-less. On a good day it works.

Um...I love scary Mario. Cutest.

Mrs. B. said...

ps. We'll link up in a couple of days.

Jamie Willow said...

we have those ikea kids dishes too :)

fun day!!!

Lyndee said...

Your children are very sweet! Loved looking at your day!