Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the most ridiculous

Yesterday when Lacey woke up, she seemed a little hoarse, but then she went merrily along her way. After her nap yesterday she was a grouch. The most crabbiest kind of grouch.

Lacey: I don't want this blue plate...(sob, sob, sob)
Me: Hun, that plate is fine.
Lacey: I just only want apple juice...(sob, sob, sob)
Me: sorry, you can have water
Lacey: I want my black car, I can't find it (sob, sob, sob)

etc. etc. etc.

You would have thought that with a nap she would have been a happy camper.

Woke up hoarse, grouchy after nap, didn't eat any dinner, asked to go to bed? By now, you are probably connecting the dots, but I was clueless.

Until 12:03 a.m. When she woke up coughing this crazy, rattling, cough. I swear I didn't know if she could even breath. Plus she was sweaty, and lethargic. She's crying and I am fumbling around in the bathroom trying to find some meds. I hear my husband holler out "Lacey, STOP crying, just be quiet!!"

Oh. no. he. didn't.

If you have ever wondered if your 'mama bear' instinct can come out on your own can (and it usually happens in the middle of the night).

Me (in a loud whisper): Mike, BE QUIET, she can hardly breath.
Mike: She needs to be quiet, she is going to wake Miles up!!
Me: No, YOU need to be quiet, she's sick.
Mike (irritated): How did she JUST NOW get sick? It's because she swallowed her toothpaste. (insert our bedroom door shutting).

And that, my friends, is the most ridiculous 'conversation' I think I have ever had.

And I told him that as soon as I got back into bed. Actually, I made fun of him.

He's the one who brushes her teeth. What, did she swallow the entire tube of toothpaste?

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Mrs. B. said...

Oh my gosh. Do you know, this sounds EXACTLY like Ira. They might be twins. I'm not kidding. I think we've had THAT very conversation. Lame-o.
Good job, Mama Bear, kick Papa Bear's booty. :)