Monday, August 16, 2010

re-doing a sidewalk

this past weekend my husband tore out about 100 feet of sidewalk that wrapped around the house, framed up a new one, and poured and stamped the new one today.

just like that!?!

no. it was (seemingly) thousands of hours of work, dreadfully long days for me, and probably a few too many cuss words** (thankfully not in front of the kids).

I like to call it
"the weekend in which i nearly, almost completely, lost my mind."

"the weekend in which the mailman rang the doorbell to deliver a package and i answered it while crying, because i had nearly lost my mind"***

Oh, and he did it all on his 29th birthday! Happy Birthday Mike!

And I have a phone interview tomorrow, which I have NOT had the chance to prepare for. UGH. I am totally stressed about it and that is probably why I was losing my mind today.

**come on now, you know that do-it-yourself projects never go smoothly! tempers flare after you've made about 6 too many trips to home depot, and have worked about 24 hours too long.

***the mailman seriously did not know what to do...poor guy, we'll get him a Christmas present this year (but mostly because I feel so dang bad that he has to walk door to door in the heat, rain, snow, and freezing temperatures, to give me my mail. He deserves something)!

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