Friday, August 13, 2010

Strollers, Uggs, and Hair Color

Mike just did a concrete job and we kept some money to do whatever we wanted with. A real luxury when we are paying off debt. What did I do with it?

Uggs and strollers and hair color.

I just ordered a new stroller.

What? Yes, another stroller.

It was super cheap, and seems decently nice. It's a single umbrella stroller. It's really tough to maneuver the BOB around the library, or the mall, when one kid wants to walk and the other wants to sit.

Realistically, I went back and forth for a long time because Miles is 18 months and how long will he really be in a stroller, but when I read reviews that Mom's were having their 4 year olds sit in them I decided to go ahead and get it. Like I said it was cheap, not a large investment. I am excited though, here is what it looks like!

I will also be using some of the money for Uggs, like I mentioned earlier. I just can't decide what color to get. Black goes with all of my fall and winter coats, but I think the chocolate brown ones are cuter. The lighter tan ones (Chestnut) could technically go with black and brown, but I don't totally care for that color. Black it is I suppose. Thoughts?

The black ones get a huge ring of salt around them. Gross.

I could go gray.

Ugg! (pun intended).

Then I am also getting my hair colored. Because my hair color sucks! I can't really afford to do all these things but I have a cousin who works at a salon in Apple Valley (suburb nearby), so I am going to call her up. Perhaps we can work out a deal? I am going to go blonde. Not white blonde, but not mousy, dishwater blonde. I'll post pics. It will be a couple of weeks I am sure.

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