Thursday, August 5, 2010


For a long time, or as long as there have been kindles, I've thought to myself that I would never want one. I apparently liked the feeling of the actual book in my hand. But than as I started shopping for textbooks, I saw that many textbooks came in a Kindle version. For a fraction of the cost.

Imagine, if you will, NOT lugging around heavy textbooks (filled with tax law), I'd feel so streamlined, not to mention LIGHTER. Plus the amount of money I'd save from buying the kindle version, would pretty much pay for the kindle itself.

I want one. Not just for textbooks, but for streamlining. I've never been a fan of random bookshelves. I would love to keep them all on this thing.

But alas, my Audit and Math books don't come on kindle. My tax book does (or did), but tax law changes every year so just because the 2010 tax book comes on kindle, that does not mean the 2011 one does. Obviously I need 2011.

Paper version it will be.

But I am still asking for a kindle for Christmas!

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Rose said...

You can get Kindle on your iphone. I ahve it and love it, and I think it was free.