Monday, August 23, 2010

50 Things

Here are 50 Random things about me. We'll explore them deeper in the coming weeks!

1. I've been married 4 years.
2. I don't like chocolate.
3. I was a gymnast for 12 years and competed all through high school.
4. My first job was at a candy store.
5. I went to private school through 8th grade, and then a public high school.
6. I went to North Central for college because I had a dream about it one night.
7. Found out I was pregnant with Lacey less than 6 months after getting married.
8. I cried in the work bathroom.
9. When she was 7 months old I got pregnant with my son, on purpose.
10. I hate airplanes.
11. I also hate rush hour traffic.
12. Blue is my favorite color. All shades of blue.
13. I wanted to be in architect when I grew up.
14. Still love architecture and hope to build my own house one day.
15. I don't cook.
16. I don't like the heat.
17. I love wearing boots.
18. I also looooove skinny jeans and leggings and I am thrilled they are "in" right now.
19. Favorite place to shop is Macy's (either Downtown or Southdale).
20. The biggest mall in the country is 4 miles from my house and I can't stand it.
21. I want to send my kids to a language immersion school.
22. I never thought I would be a stay at home mom, ever.
23. I am studying to become a public accountant.
24. I've had my hair every length and color.
25. Vowed I'd never have short hair again.
26. I have a photographic memory.
27. I am super organized.
28. Love to clean.
29. I have sadly never been overseas.
30. I am a tad bit too cynical.
31. I don't like the TV, but admittedly use it as a "babysitter" when I need a moment to think.
32. Probably the world's most creatively challenged individual.
33. I can't find dress pants that fit for the life of me.
34. I was born and raised in North Dakota.
35. Both my parents worked growing up, probably why I always have planned on working.
36, I have an auto-immune disorder. I've had it since I was 7.
37. I just turned 27, on the 4th of July.
38. If I wanted to adopt from China I'd only have 3 more years (I am not planning on adopting but I read an article the other day that they changed their age limit to 30, for mothers, and I thought that was really young)!
39. We have never owned a house, but want to own one painfully bad.
40. We want a Goldendoodle.
41. I am a total introvert and love being alone (which never happens with 2 toddlers)!
42. I was sick throughout most of my pregnancies and threw up a lot.
43. I was electively induced both times.
44. Super easy deliveries (8 hours and 3 hours). Told both times I was made to have kids.
45. I am done having kids.
46. I couldn't stand garlic when I became pregnant with Lacey. It's never gone away. I still can't stand it.
47. I drink a lot of coffee, more in the winter when it's cold.
48. We go to River Valley Church in Apple Valley, MN and we absolutely love it there.
49. I am a no excuses type of girl.
50. I loved Babysitter's Club books when I was young. I read #128 of them one summer.

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