Monday, September 8, 2008

11 Months

In one month we say good by to baby-hood and hello to toddler-hood. I am really excited.

Lacey's growing independence has shocked me in the past month. It is like she finally not only realized she can move, but that she can go places without me. There is no danger in her world. Last month she followed me from room to room. Now, I follow her.

Last week we took her in to the doctor and she was 20 pounds 8 ounces.

Games- She plays a lot of games now:

This month she started hiding things, under the couch, under her crib, behind the chair etc. She is very familiar with what things are. If we are in the Living Room we can hide her stuffed bunny or baby doll under her crib and then ask her to find it. She will crawl around the living room for a bit and then crawl into her room and find it for us. It is a fun game! Her favorite objects to hide are: pens, pacifiers (they've always been a better toy than their actual use in our house), bunny, baby, books, and her blanket.

Another fun game is taking every toy out of the little tub (she uses the small inflatable tub), putting them in the big tub, and then taking them out of the big tub and putting them back in her little tub. Over and over.

Along those lines is taking toys and placing them on top of the end tables. Then taking them back down. She gets a lot of satisfaction from this and gets frustrated when her toy won't stay put.

Finally, she likes taking toys and stacking them in a pile in the room. Then separating them and stacking them again. I love watching her brain work.

Lacey- "helps" me load and unload the dishwasher, loves standing by the oven watching things bake, and crawling into the fridge and looking at the fruits and vegetables in the crisper drawers.

She loves standing by the toilet and knows how to flush it. She also knows that toilet paper can be great fun.

She is getting less and less "portable"- we used to be able to go to Starbucks and she would sit in the highchair and play with an empty cup. Now that she wants to move we take our coffee elsewhere! It is more fun that way anyway!

She still wears size 3 7th Generation disposable diapers and has for months now. They fit with ease. During the day we are using the bumgenius diapers on the medium setting with ease as well.

Lacey has tiny feet. She can still wear 3-6 month shoes! (maybe her feet need to grow so she has more balance! I have small feet too so I am not surprised).

Teeth- we have ONE!! Bottom left (okay, well it hasn't popped through yet but I am counting it anyway because I can see it and feel it and I really want her to get teeth!).

Walking- Nope. She isn't standing alone either. Up until yesterday she didn't like walking with us much either. But then when we were at church she suddenly didn't mind holding onto my hand and walking around. A lady at church said she will be walking anyday, but I personally don't think it will be before her first birthday. I am guessing a couple of weeks after that.

Sleep- We have had some redemption here! Now that it gets dark out by her bedtime her room is cool and she goes to bed without a fuss. Sleeps about 11.5 hours at night and takes two 90 minute naps a day in her crib with no fuss.

Bottles- We are trying to get rid of these. This month we will start phasing in cow's milk slowly. Up until her bout with Roseola last week she was taking sippy cups fine. Then 3 days of nothing but bottles and cuddling during her bottles made her disregard the sippy cup. Now she will only take a sip or two before she is done with it. We are working on this.

Words- I've lost count on what she will say, but its a lot. She understands even more and can understand simple sentences.

Food- She eats whatever we eat. We know when she has had enough because she starts throwing it on the floor...

I love her to bits and pieces and it seems that every month as she grows and changes she becomes more and more fun to be around and interact with.


Rose C said...

She sounds like she is such a joy, and she is for sure a smartie!

nikired said...

Sounds like you have a mommy's little helper on your hands. Before you know it she'll be baking with you.