Friday, September 5, 2008

I lied.

It is Roseola.

We have a rashy baby : )

Pics will come.


Rose C said...

Darn! Well at least it's over, right? I'm so glad that she didn't need a cath though!

Andrea said...

Good news though - I believe they can only get roseola once and then never again. So you should be able to cross that one off the list for the future. (For this kiddo anyways). Poor girl! Does the rash seem to bother her at all? The fever is still gone, right?

Mrs. B. said...

Oh, I hate roseola. Unfortunately it's a pretty common thing. :(

Annie said...

yep, her fever is gone and has stayed away. The rash doesn't bother her at all and its already pretty much gone. She seems to be back to her normal self. Now she will never have it again : )