Tuesday, September 23, 2008

4 things you should know about me before you invite me over...

1) I hate debates/political discussions. There are 3 things you never discuss at work: Religion; Politics; Money. Goes for the dinner table as well.

2) I kinda need dessert after a meal. I just don't feel done until I've had something sweet. If you have decaf coffee to go along with it, that's even better.

3) If it is getting close to Lacey's bedtime then I will probably be thinking about needing to put her to bed, as opposed to what you are saying to me. Oh, and no, I can't just put her down at your house.

4) I prefer to talk as one big group rather than split up in groups of men and women. So if you see it headed that way. Intervene!!

Your Turn!

1 comment:

Rose C said...

Good ones! I ditto the "no, I can't put him down over here"

I would add, that most likely if your house isn't kid friendly, I am DISTRACTED