Friday, September 12, 2008

This time vs. Last time

So, comparing the first 17 weeks of pregnancy.

Last time: I craved OJ, Gummy Candy, Fruit. Tacos for about 2 days, lemonade, white tea. Loved veggies after about 15 weeks, but hated them before that, couldn't take prenatals until 36 weeks when I found out my iron was low, nauseous from 6-18 weeks, threw up weeks 9-16. Hated garlic, onions, and any sort of asian/indian food. Couldn't walk through the produce section at the grocery store. Heartbeat was always 160 or above.

This time: SAME AS ABOVE, except I was nauseous from 7 weeks til now (so a week later) and threw up from 8 weeks until 17 weeks (so an extra week on both ends). They never tell me the heartbeat, but finally did was 146. Boy?


Rose C said...

I say BOY! Colin's hb was always 139-149.

Mrs. B. said...

Yeah, that's a pretty low hr for a girl. May very well be a little BOY!

Rose C said...

have you seen this?