Friday, September 26, 2008

the sad state of our economy...

...kept me up last night for a while!

Oh, alright, it was probably 'pregnancy insomnia' coupled with the fact that mike made loaves and loaves of banana bread (that is what we do with Jamba Juice's going bad bananas) so our house was extra warm and since I threw on the flannel sheets the other day and the 'winter' duvet cover, I was roasting.

Whatever the fact, thinking about the bills I have to pay (car insurance is due this month...), the amazingly, ridiculous, price of groceries, and the stuff we need for the new baby (don't even get me started on 'if this is a boy'...) really, really, adds up.

So this morning I put my financial management class to work for me (actually one of the most fantastic, kick you in the butt classes I have ever had to take...but I got an 'A'). I made a budget. Mike and I really are good with our money (we are forced to be so that I can stay home for a bit), but there is always the little things you can cut.

So it may not be the most elaborate holiday season we have ever had, but this is how it is. Once I am willing and able to go back to work things will loosen up a bit. But for now I am counting my financial blessings. We don't have credit card debt, mike has AMAZING medical insurance so we will only have to pay $175 co-pay for this little one, we have a solid savings account, and we get free Jamba Juice (which means we don't have to buy OJ or much fruit because we get a lot from that)...haha!

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Rose C said...

The economy STINKS!