Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is something wrong with me...or this town?

Okay, there is a thrift store in Redmond, Value Village. Gross name I know. But everyone here talks about it and how great it is. Redmond is NOT a poor suburb. Everyone here works for Microsoft, AT&T, Nintendo etc. People in Redmond have loads of money. So I should trust them right? Here are some comments friends have told me recently:

"I know a couple that furnished their whole house from Value Village. They have such nice stuff!"
"I got these Gap jeans at Value Village for $2"
"I found a practically brand new J.Crew. sweater at Value Village for $3"
"Value Village has 1/2 price Tuesdays and you can get tons of stuff for soooo cheap!"

Okay, so I needed a lamp for my Living Room. Apparently Value Village has "such nice stuff" I thought I would try to be practical and get one for a steal.

Maybe I should have thought first about the fact that I don't think I have ever found something at a thrift store. But I didn't.

I pull into the parking lot. It is packed. I have to circle twice to try to find a spot and end up parking a block away. So then I make a last minute decision to leave the stroller in the car. I'll just put lacey in one of the (germy) carts. Mistake #1. They are out of carts. I'm walking up to the door and swarms of people are walking out with bags of things. Bread machines, shoes, Halloween costumes, coffee makers, lamps, clothes, bedding. I find a cart that is being unused and I am ready for my mission. I head in with excitement.


Now, I am not a wealthy person who thinks they are too good for a 2nd hand store. But come on. I cannot buy a brass plated lamp for my living room, or a mauve ceramic one. I don't want a lime green couch, a teal easy-chair, or a blender from 1972 (for $9.99). I don't feel comfortable buying lacey pajamas that are piling or diapers in plastic bags. I can't buy her shoes with dried mud on the bottom. I just can't.

We went to "Mom's Club" (a.k.a. Target) and I bought a very nice Oil Rubbed Bronzed 3 way lamp for 50% off. It was the very last one in the store.

Eat that Value Village.


Rose C said...

GIRL! I totally understand, I hear all the time about the wonderful finds at thrift stores, but I never find them! I just don't like digging in someone elses closet.

Andrea said...

oooh! I could take you shopping and show you some good places! Too bad you're on the opposite coast. Most of Laura's clothes are from thrift stores. Most of mine are too. Our first living room furniture was too (we've since upgraded) but my MIL is totally opposite of me...I don't think she's ever set foot in a thrift store.

nikired said...

I hate value village. We haave the here to. I prefer to drive through some garage sales, and eve that is a hit and miss.