Saturday, September 6, 2008

Because I am so behind...

Here is our rashy baby. Probably not the greatest pictures but I hope you can see it. It can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Her's lasted about a day. Mostly on her face, spread a bit to her neck and back. Overall not too bad.

Lacey used to sit and eat at her highchair. But when she got sick last week out went the solids. Now I can't seem to bring them back (??). She is getting a tooth on bottom so I am hoping this is why. I can't even get her to eat cheerios.

Lacey loves pens. They were a good play toy until she figured out how to click them. Now it's open/close/open/close all day. But I am not willing to have pen everywhere so this won't be a toy much longer...

Here is our Lacey when she is tired.

Here is Mike and Lacey at her first Twins game. We thought we would be in MN, so figured we would be going to many of these games. Notsomuch. Well, we figured we would get her in this outfit at least once and were praying it would fit (its 6-9 months...) It did. We had a good time but she got fussy so I only took a couple of pictures and none with me. It will be nice when she is older and can enjoy this more. Overall we had fun.

This was actually our reason for going on the Ferry, Mike ran a race on the other side of the sound. Just a 5K, he took 10th place and was dissapointed because his time was 18 minutes even and its been a LONG time since he hasn't been under 18 minutes. Umm, 18 minutes is fast, I don't feel too sorry for him either!

Here we are on our first Ferry Ride. It was pretty uneventful but considering it was around 75 degress outside it was absolutely FREEZING on the ferry. Lacey loved watching the Seagulls right above our heads.


Rose C said...

What I would do for 75 degree weather!

Annie said...

I know, suddenly my idea of HOT went from 95 to 75. Crazy. I am assuming my idea of cold will change too. If 30 degrees is the new cold, I will never live it down.