Monday, May 12, 2008

6 Random Things

1. I hate flying- sure its the quickest way to get from here to there, and I will get on an airplane, but I HATE IT. I get really scared, and if I am not scared that the plane is going to crash, I am scared that someone is going to highjack it.

2. I love Lysol wipes- using them, I can feel the bacteria dying.

3. I don't really like chocolate- I will eat it, but lets say my choice is some sort of candy bar, or jolly ranchers. I would ALWAYS take the jolly ranchers. Let's say the options are a brownie or an orange. I would USUALLY take the orange.

4. I had a baby and it didn't change my body one bit- my doctor actually called me a 'super human' I bounced out of that hospital 2 days after having Lacey in my regular clothes, showered, make-uped, and rested. I didn't tear (my doctor said...."you were built to have babies"). and went running 2 weeks after giving birth. Yes, that made me PROUD.

5. I look bad with short hair- well, I should say short, dark hair. Remember Mandy Moor in "How to Deal" and EVERYONE was going for that haircut? Well, it could be that my stylist (oh la la) didn't know what she was doing OR it could be that I didn't have someone doing my hair for me everyday, but it did not look good. And my friends, when your hair is 1.5 inches long it takes 3 years to grow out.

6. I like being alone- my husband doesn't get this, but I LOVE doing my own thing. Which really never happens when you have a child(ren). Thankfully, my husband rarely gets on my nerves, so if I have to spend long hours with someone, I'd want it to be him.

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Rose C said...

I could ditto your entire #6.