Thursday, May 8, 2008

my top 10

I thought I would take a blog to spotlight some of my favorite baby items. My top 10, in no particular order. Some of these things I currently own, some I wish I owned, but I think they all need a little attention none the less*

10. Babylegs- I love, love, love this product. They are leggings for babies-toddlers. Make diaper changes a breeze, come in SUPER cute patterns, and only cost about $12 (and you WILL get your $12 worth, I promise).

9. Phil & Ted’s Bottle- this is an item I will buy for baby #2. It keeps formula in the top of the bottle and water in the bottom. When you are ready to make the bottle…just twist and shake! How GREAT is that?!? No unscrewing bottle lids, while trying to balance a baby on one hip and dumping formula into the bottle. PLUS. This comes with a thermal case that keeps the water warm for hours, so that if your baby only likes warm bottles like mine, no problem.

8. Isabooties- these are a comparable alternative to Robeez. Robeez are very practical, but in my opinion they are kinda over-rated. Everyone has them. So I got Lacey these, and I’ve never met another baby with them. FYI…they run huge…lacey is just starting to fit into the 3-6 month size now at 7 months.

7. Bob Revolution- this is a super popular jogging stroller for runners, but I would recommend it to anyone who has never ran a day in their life (even if they don’t plan to). I’ll admit that it looks large and in charge, but it is really amazing. Turns on a dime, goes through/over anything life can dish, and pretty much pushes itself. I say at least go to REI and push it around. I wasn’t sold on it at first, but once I pushed it, I threw down my money and bought it.

6. Seventh Generation Diapers- I don’t use a lot of disposables, but if I did I would spend the little extra money and buy these. Even if you can’t afford them as your “always” diaper, buy one pack and TRY THEM. They are AMAZING…the stretch on the tabs can’t be beat. I actually like changing Lacey’s diaper when I am putting these on.

5. Moby Wrap- well, I swore against wraps…then I had a baby. This was perfect for when she was a newborn. Pop her in and she would sleep and I could get things done. I just bought one for my friend for her baby shower and I hope she loves it as much as I did.

4. Chamois Crib Sheet- great if you live in a cold climate OR have a newborn who wakes up every time you put them on the cold sheet. They are so soft and a great alternative to flannel. This one is from pottery barn, but I got mine at Wal-mart for $10.

3. Angel Care Monitor- sleep is precious, so I didn’t want to waste that precious sleep wondering if Lacey was breathing or not (sounds strange, but when you have a baby you’ll completely know…). Anyway, this monitor detects breathing motion and an alarm goes off if they stop breathing (its very sensitive, and would go off periodically for Lacey..).

2. Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair. I imagine all the little boys and girls over in Sweden have these Scandinavian built highchairs. Seanna…if your family has one that they no longer need, I will pay for shipping to get it over here….Its practical but $$$. The chair is $230, the chair pad is $40, and the baby rail is $40. That is $310, plus taxes and shipping. Thankfully some US company makes one that is $145 which includes shipping. Its called the Euro II Highchair if you want to check it out.

1. Bumbo Seat- I’ve heard that your baby either loves this seat or hates this seat. Lacey loved it and since they can’t get out of it (although she can get thisclose…) so I can plop her in it and let her play, while I shower or get ready.


Rose C said...

Great post! I love it! Since we've moved, we can't find our angel care monitor. Such a bummer.

seanna.nicole said...

okay, funny thing about that high chair - klara got this big giant lego set at Legoland that was a house and had all the furnishings for a house (yes, you put it ALL together...little Lego piece by little Lego piece, and of course she wanted to do it all with ME). anyway, we're putting it together and we start working on this odd contraption that looks like a ladder but has a funny shape, and i'm like, 'klara, what IS this?' (that's when you know you're really getting dumb, by the way, when you start asking 5 year olds questions like that) and she's like, 'the baby goes in there!!' and puts the little plastic Lego baby in there. So - those highchairs are evidently so popular that even the lego dolls have them :)

i'll check with never know!