Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bugaboo of the Pacific Northwest

I guess its a little embarrasing but I seem to have THE SINGLE MOST POPULAR STROLLER around here. Maybe its becuase REI is headquarted here, but the BOB Revolution is apparently the thing to have.

Today I was at Redmond Town Center...its this outdoor shopping mall...anyway, I am pushing Lace around and I see 2 other mom's coming at me with the same stroller. We all three had different colors, but still. We all just sort of smile at each other and I think...'oh americans are so darn silly' but then I started thinking about how much i LOVE this stroller because I can push and steer it with one hand, and I can turn it 360 degrees with one hand, and it reclines flat, I can go through doors without using the wheelchair button (because lets face it, not all stores have wheelchair buttons), and it pretty much pushes itself, and I can run with it and it has cup holders for lacey, and it goes up to 70 pounds, and on and on....

Other than that Lace and I also went to the park today, which was pretty uneventful because lets face it, a 7 month old can't really 'play' at the playground. We sat in some swings than left.

She got up at 5:24 this morning...i was so annoyed, until I went in there and realized that she was soaking wet : ( I was changing her and saw that one of her diaper tabs wasn't connected. Poor thing...soaking in her own wonder I heard her a lot randomly throughout the night...she probably slept in that all night. Oops! She was happy as a clam this morning though, except she didn't want to go back to sleep right away. but then when she did fall asleep, she slept for 2.5 hours! We are on nap #2 now and she is having a hard time falling asleep thanks to the CONSTRUCTION that they just started across the street (right out her window...they are building condos). So other than me being annoyed with that we are having a great day!

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seanna.nicole said...

okay, your comment totally made me nervous on my blog! do you know something i don't know...??

don't worry, i'm not expecting THAT quite yet :) as much as i would love it...

that's funny about the strollers. i don't even know what those look like, but i feel like if it's cool and trendy, it's going to be in Seattle. so, you fit right in :)