Saturday, May 31, 2008

I am not that GREEN

Dear Whole Foods Cashier.

I must start by pointing out that I do love your store. It has a great environment, tons of options, and well, lets face it 4857 samples. However, when I forget to bring you my reusable whole foods bag, and you must instead pack my groceries in environmentally 'un'friendly bags, please do not shun me, make me feel bad, and put $60 worth of groceries into 2 (yes, TWO) paper bags.

You see, the real reason I shop at whole foods is because I like the free samples and like buying chlorine free diapers for cheaper. I also find you have the best selection of organic produce (although expensive), and since I make my own baby food, your store is a good bet. However, I do not shop at your store in an effort to be environmentally friendly. I could use 7 bags and not really feel bad about it.

Also, you see, I have an 8 moth old who weighs 20 pounds. Have you ever tried to carry a squirmy 20 pound body AND heavy grocery bags? I didn't think so.

The bag broke while I was carrying it upstairs. You see, they are not meant to carry that much weight.

But I promise, next time, I will remember my reusable bag.

Your Semi-Loyal Customer.


Rose C said...

How frustrating!

Andrea said...

Grr! I haven't even stepped foot in our local green organic store... I'm a tad scared of "those" people... ha ha! I'm in Ithaca... probably the green wanna-be city in NY!