Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I am GREAT with directions, a total map-reader. I am definitely THE person you'd want when you're navigating.

So how come I manage to get lost every time I get in the car?

I DESPISE driving in Seattle, the streets do not makes sense. Here are some directions I pulled off of google maps the other day, for a park I was trying to find. I didn't end up going...

1. Head south on 51st Ave NE toward NE 45th St

2. Turn right at NE 45th St

3. Turn right at 49th Ave NE

4. Turn right at NE 50th St

5. Turn left at 50th Ave NE

6. Turn right at Sand Point Way NE

7. Turn right at NE 74th St

Please notices 2-5....especially #4 and #5.....NE 50th Street AND 50th Ave NE...are you joking me? Those 2 roads should NEVER cross. They are basically the same thing.

That is the pattern that happens throughout the city. OR it will be like you are supposed to turn on 148th street, and you miss it...no big deal right, just take the next turn and go around the block? WRONG, because the next road is always something like 51st ave. NOTHING MAKES SENSE AND IT DRIVES ME CRAZY.

rant over.

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