Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The PAPA of all baby carriers.

So I returned my Coach bag on Saturday (oh HUSH), it was much too small to be used as a diaper bag and had been sitting in my closet for 2 of the 3 months I owned it. So Mike gave me the money and told me to go get whatever I wanted. I started by purchasing something for Lacey (duh!). I got her (me) the Ergo Baby Carrier and I will tell you that after ONE day i am addicted. Its the best $100 I have ever spent.

I had a Baby Bjorn. This worked fine until Lacey was oh...12 pounds...or 3 months. Considering she didn't like to be in it the first 6 weeks (she'd rather be curled up in a ball, not having legs dangle about) we got about 6 weeks of use out of it until it hurt my back...good thing someone GAVE that one to me! Plus there is alot of "speculation" about how the Bjorn puts stress on the baby's back by having their crotch support all their weight.

I also have a hotsling that my sister in law gave me for christmas. This works well for carrying Lacey on my hip, but she only likes to be in that for short trips until she starts to fuss AND my back starts to hurt quickly as well. I never liked it for newborns either. She always seemed akward in it.

I needed something because a stroller is NOT always the answer. I had heard about the Ergo, read reviews, found a store right by Mike's work and went and tried it on yesterday. Put down $100, and fell in love. The shoulder straps are really padded, and the weight of the baby is put on your hips, not your shoulders. The baby's weight is distributed throughout their hips, thighs, and butt, as opposed to their crotch (bjorn), and they can be on your front, back, or hip. The only major downfall is that they can't face out when on your front, but I'd rather have a back carrier anyday. They also sell an infant insert for really little babies, that sells for $25. I'd probably buy that if I were having another. Plus this goes up to 40 pounds so you can use it for much longer. But the biggest event of the day...Lacey fell asleep in it! That never happens. They have this hood thing attached so that when/if baby falls asleep you can snap this up and it keeps their head from falling all over and keeps it dark. Worked like a charm.

This morning I woke up and Mike and Lacey were gone. They had gone to Starbucks to get coffee (for me) since we were out. He comes in wearing the carrier!! I never even showed him how to put it on, which was amazing in and of itself. I asked him how he liked it. His response: " I Love it. It works great" Oh, I got the black one below.


Andrea said...

Glad you like it! We bought the camel colored one a few weeks back. Haven't used it a lot, but it was great for grocery shopping!

Rose C said...

I so want one!

Annie said...

Andrea that's great you got one! Rose- you need to get one pronto...at least go try it on and see how C likes it!