Thursday, May 22, 2008

broke down.

right before we left minneapolis i was in old navy and found a raincoat for the little one...size 12-18 months, it was white with pink giraffe's on it. Wasn't my FAVORITE raincoat ever, but it was cute AND they made matching rainboots, and i could see her walking around in this next winter in the rain. But the old navy I was at only had the boots in size 4T. No problem. I figured I would go to the Old Navy at the Mall of America, because that one is BIG and has EVERYTHING. Went there...nothing. Went to the one by my work....even less. Went to the one in Fargo, ND...nothing. Went to the one out here in Bellevue..nothing. They had pulled them off the old navy website.

okay. now i was getting annoyed and desperate.



Well something...they had the matching dress from the same line, but no rainboots.

Watched religiously for weeks. Then suddenly the coat and the boots came on...size 12-18 months...HOORAY...but you had to buy it as a set...NO!!! I JUST WANT THE BOOTS. Kept came on (can you believe it!) wrong size...ugh.

I ended up buying the set yesterday. Yes I know, I know. It was more expensive than I wanted to pay, but I still had the tags on the coat I bough so maybe i can bring it back to ON? Let's hope so because I told the husband I could...

i couldn't find anything else on ebay that i liked. and lets face it, when something gets in my head i just have to get it.

here is the set.

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Rose C said...

Oh that is terribly cute! I'm just like you, I can't stop thinking about what I want until I get it. So terrible.