Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thus Far...

I can tell you some things I like MORE about Washington

1) The Weather. I can already tell that although the weather here isn't perfect, it is far less extreme and guessy than Minnesota.
2) The Scenery. Mountains and lots of water make a big difference.
3) That there literally is a Starbucks on EVERY corner. I was standing in a parking lot the other day and I could see three Starbucks from where I was standing.
4) That CMT is channel 61 and not 156 or whatever it was in MN. 61 is a channel that you 'run into' 156 is not.
5) The Bike-Friendliness of the city. Minneapolis was pretty good about this, but Washington is better. Makes sense since you can bike year round here.
6) The Whole Foods is Much better and oddly enough cheaper.
7) I LOVE the outdoor malls. Every mall I have been to is "open air" and even the skyways I have been downtown are open air. Isn't that CRAZY? It makes me feel like I am on vacation.
8) All the Farmers Markets, with CHEAP flowers.

Things I like LESS thus far:

1) Traffic. I don't have to drive much, but traffic is awful. I am not used to 24/7 car pool lanes. Some of the car pool lanes are for 3 or more people (as opposed to 2) so I can't even take them when its just Lacey and I.
2) Lack of Super Target. We have a Target close by, but I haven't seen a Super Target yet. I have only seen one Walmart though, so we are ok.
3) McDonalds doesn't have Redbox. Isn't that so weird? They didn't even know what it was.
4) Gas is more $$$. Again we don't have to drive a lot, but its 3.86/gallon. I think that is about .30 more than MN.
5) The fact that all of their main grocery stores require a "super saver" card. I am NOT a fan of carrying those ugly things on my keychain. Again, a reason to find a super Target.
6) The electric baseboard heaters. They are so annoying. I am a fan of central heat I guess, or at least that is what I am used to.
7) The fact that in Redmond (home of microsoft and where we live) NO ONE has a Mac computer. When we were at Panera the other day we were the only ones there without a PC. That is so weird.

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