Saturday, August 9, 2008

10 months.

Double digit months! For some reason I have been waiting for her to get to double digit months for about 5 months. I think I am weird.

Lacey changes everyday, but at the same time doesn't seem to change all that much. In other words, as her mother I see HUGE changes, but to the average person they probably don't seem that big.

Lacey is talking all the time. She has a few new words..."no, no, no" being her favorite. Whenever she doesn't want to do something she just repeats 'no,no,no' over and over again. i say it THAT often? She also started saying baby and num, num (after she eats something she likes).

Lacey loves to point at things. She points to either mama or dada when asked, she points to puppies, the tv, airplanes, lights, and cars outside. I love seeing her little fingers point. She also points to things she wants when she is at her highchair like cheerios or cheese.

Lacey eats pretty much whatever I give her, although she doesn't always eat a lot of it. I wouldn't call her picky, I would just say she gets bored and would rather get into things she can't.

Lacey doesn't like going to sleep at night. In fact she HATES it. We are trying to work on this one. I have decided that sleep when your baby sleeps is REALLY GOOD ADVICE and when your baby is 12 weeks old and is sleeping through the night, don't talk about it to anyone, because they will cause you agony in the sleep department later.

Lacey has started to let go of furniture when she stands up. Her balance is terrible though! I won't give a prediction for walking, other than it won't be this month! Based on her reaching the other milestones, she has always been pretty average, never really early for any of them, so I am guessing walking between 12-14 months. All I am concerned about is that I have a good walker by February!

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Rose C said...

A good walker by Feb would be a great thing! Go Lacey on the pointing! Big girl!