Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bringing Home Baby-some observations

Okay, this show is on everyday during Lacey's naptime. So when I can't find anything else on I flip to it.

Now, I LOVED this show before and during my pregnancy, but now I sorta can't stand it. Although, it is nice to watch once in a while to remember those first few days (not so much the nights!)

1) Rarely, is the baby buckled correctly in the carseat. For some reason I am very obsessed about parents learning how to do this properly and it DRIVES ME CRAZY when they don't tighten the buckle or something, and then show it on camera. Just watch, it's rarely done correctly.

2) I also laugh at the annoying over-stressed parents. I can only say this because I have been there. So since that has been me at one point I can say it. It's also funny to see the parents who are like "we are doing a schedule and hope to be on that schedule in a week or so" Umm, i've been there too! Good Luck with that!

3) I would say 95% of the time they have 4857 family members come over. Now, maybe its because they are on camera so everyone decides to make an appearance but regardless of the reason I can say that it seems like 100% of the time, the over stressed out, exhausted mom ends up taking the baby and going into the bedroom to 'get away'. I again did the same thing. It is SO emotionally draining having a newborn and your emotions are out of whack and I think people need to learn to keep their distance. These poor moms, we go crying into the bedroom wishing everyone would leave, and then feeling guilty like we should do it all (like entertain and share our baby etc).

Anyone else have anything to add?


Rose C said...

Um, how about don't invite a camera crew and TV station into your home when you have a new baby and possibly some if not all of the following:
A not so clean house
A not so cute newborn
Breast feeding struggles
Post partum depression/baby blues
A few extra pounds? Hello!
Potty issues

I'm with you, loved bringing home baby, birth day, all of those baby reality shows until I had one. Same thing with a Wedding Story.

Andrea said...

Oh! I miss cable tv!

Mrs. B. said...

Yes....I totally hid in my bedroom too. Sad times.

Andrea said...

Are you still stroller shopping? Found this one off of babycheapskate today - sale goes through Sept 1 I think... It's a BOB...