Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sleep Training or Sleep Testing

Because it really tests my patience...

Run down of last night.

7:00 Bath
7:20 Bottle
7:40 Bed
8:00 Still crying, I go in to calm her down
8:15 Go in for the second time
8:20 Seems Calmer. I go take a shower.
8:30 Out of the shower, don't hear anything. She's asleep or close to it
8:35 I throw up. Even though doors were closed, she starts crying again. Darn it.
8:45 Go in to calm her down
8:50 Do what any sane mother would do. I went to bed and set my alarm for 20 minutes later. She fell asleep sometime during the second 20 minute stretch. Time 9:30

Total crib fussing and crying time: 2 hours and 20 minutes.

I actually didn't get frustrated with her last night. Probably because my house was cool thanks to the AC!! I do wonder WHERE HAVE I GONE WRONG and how do I fix this. No mother wants their child to fall asleep crying, but what do you do?

I think the women's individual gymnastics is on tonight so I really, really don't want a repeat.


Rose C said...

So sorry dear, sleep is SO hard! If you need a reminder see my blog. Or let me remind you, after three good days, we ahd a bad one and Colin slept for a total of 40 minutes. All.Day.

Andrea said...

I guess we both get sarcastic mom of the year awards then... Laura fell asleep after 20 minutes of crying tonight. She had her fan on and her heart beat teddy bear for background noise - and about 20 minutes into the 23 minute crying I heard a bad cough that sounded like maybe a little puke too... but then she quieted down to a fuss and fell asleep a couple minutes later. Dinner was ready. I said to Rich that she almost threw up she cried so hard... then I walked in her room to check on her... and let me just say that it wasn't just "almost". She did. I feel terrible.

Mrs. B. said...

Hey! I just found your blog and love it. Lacey is such a doll. Those eyes are fantastic!
Just a little encouragement: Evie cried herself to sleep every night between the ages of 7 months and 13months. I tried everything and crying to sleep was her "routine" so-to-speak.
I would try not to worry about it. She'll learn to put herself to sleep w/out crying.
Good luck!
(And congrats on baby #2!)