Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 2; Round 1


Try again tomorrow. UGH.

She was acting SO TIRED. So we hightailed it to her room. 45 minutes later she was still talking to herself. I figured she has to fall asleep because otherwise its moving into her awake time, so her next nap would be thrown off.

I put her sack on and 10 minutes later she was sound asleep. Not cool. We will try again tomorrow.

Bedtime Update: We were at a friends house last night so we got home a bit later than we should have, but we did the same sort of routine with lacey. Bottle, in the Living Room and then bedtime disguised as a nap. No bath last night. It worked again, but she fussed for about 30 minutes last night. Again, it never escalated to a cry (although mike and I were beside ourselves thinking it was going to). I think it took her a bit longer because she was a little overtired, and just needed to settle herself. Slept through the night, but I did imagine that i heard her cry out once, not sure if that really happened or not because I always seem to hear phantom cries. Either way, it only happened once and if it was real she must have gone back to sleep (or wasn't really awake...whatever the case). The fact that gymnastics was on TV last night made it pretty easy for me to stay out of her room while she was fussing...haha. We are crossing our fingers for tonight.

One a third note: I read someone online saying that they got a Britax Companion infant carseat at Target for 12.49!!!!!! So, we don't have an infant carseat...we gave ours away to someone who needed it. If anyone is at Target and sees one for that price could you please buy me one and i will pay you for it with shipping?? They retail at $209.99....

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Rose C said...

Day 2 is always the hardest! SO I hear. Um, I am going to target! I don't even need a carseat and I want to buy that! I did see a Graco stroller and carseat for $40 for both!