Friday, August 8, 2008


I had my Integrated Screen today. Basically it is an ultrasound that is performed between 11-13 weeks and they measure the nuchal fold, which is something in the baby's neck area (not really sure exactly what??). Anyway, it can be used to help predict whether your baby may be at risk for genetic disorders (downs syndrome, spina bifida, trisomy 18 etc.). There is a chance to get a false positive, but the chance is pretty low.

I didn't have this test with lacey. It was offered but wasn't stressed AT ALL. In fact she told me that my insurance company probably wouldn't even cover it. This time around they kept going on and on about how important the test is and all the valuable information that it can give you etc. etc. How its ROUTINE PRENATAL TESTING and my insurance does cover it. I wanted the u/s to have a peak at the little one, so I had it done.

Everything looks great. Its a 2 part test...they take the measurement and then do blood work and give you your results from there. Anything under 3mm is considered normal. This baby measured at 1.2 mm, which is very good. I will get the blood work results next week.

Baby is almost 3 inches long, Heartbeat was 155. He/She was squirming all around in there and waving. The sonographer was happy because the baby was in a good position for a measurement, BUT then he/she fell asleep. Just completely asleep. She tried and tried and tried jiggling my belly, which is not cool when you have a FULL bladder. Finally she brought out this buzzer/vibrator thing that she buzzed me with to wake him/her up. It worked! Poor baby, but i figured he/she has 6 more months to sleep whenever they want so I can wake them up this time.

Maybe I will have a baby who sleeps through everything. That is something I don't have now.

Anyway, Lacey is 10 months old today!!!!!

I'll try to get an update tomorrow. I am tired, it took 4 hours to get her to sleep last night.....


Rose C said...

So glad things went well! GO baby! feeling better? And happy 10 month Lacey!

nikired said...

Annie, glad to hear that everything measures well. Plus you got another peek at the baby! How wonderful!