Saturday, August 2, 2008

i want this one...

on the quest for a double stroller.

i hate stroller shopping.

anyhow, it must be done. I have 3 choices.

1) Mountain Buggy Urban Elite Double Stroller- runs you about $900.00. Yes, I know, it is CRAZY. I can find used ones on c-list for around $300-$400 but somehow paying $400 for a stroller that is 5 years old seems wrong...but then again, paying $900 for a stroller also seems wrong. Note: this price doesn't include any attachments such as the carseat adaptor...which is a must.

2) Bob Revolution Duallie- since we are more than pleased with the single version, I am sure we would also like the double. Problems- the single is huge...i am sure the double wouldn't even fit in the back of the SUV. It is also wide and although it is supposed to fit through doors I know it would be tough in malls etc. Cost: $569 + $89 for carseat adaptor + $21 for cupholders + $39 for Warm fuzzy = $718.00

3) Phil & Ted's Vibe- The look says it price $789 (OUCH...what can i sell?)

Note: 2 strollers (one for all-terrain and one for around town) is NOT an option...too much clutter. It will be one of these 3 and I am hoping its #3. If you know of any other good suggestions...DO TELL.


Rose C said...

My fave is #3, it has fabulous reviews, one being a friend of mine! Easy to fold up, and get in and out of a car! I think that this will be our stroller for #2.

That being said, I saw a BOB for 2 just yesterday and it wasn't so bad, big, yes, but maybe not too big?

Andrea said...

wow. that's a lot of money. I'm thinking we'll probalby just end up with a double maclaren when we need to upsize - but we're not into jogging/running so that should work for us. good luck deciding.

Annie said...

my sister in law has the double mclaren and loves it. we've looked at it for a second stroller but we need something that can go over more terrain. Isn't it like $400 for the double mclaren as well?