Saturday, August 30, 2008

Leg Cramps, Headaches, and Heartburn OH MY!

Welcome all those 2nd Trimester symptoms! Wish the 1st Trimester symptoms had diminished. I am STILL nauseous, and I still thorw up about once a day, AND I am still TIRED all the time. Blech.

Hmmm, can you tell I am NOT a fan of being pregnant? I think I have mentioned that once or twice : )

Mike only worked a day and a half this week so we were busy. Lacey took her first ferry ride because Mike ran a 5K on the other side of the sound and she also went to her first baseball game where the Seattle Mariners played the MN Twins. She did good all week considering she missed one nap a day for 3 days in a row.

She's been going to bed really well still (thanks to her army of toys in her bed) so I think I am going to pull the wrap for naps today and tomorrow...cold turkey. And then pull it for nighttime on Monday or Tuesday night. My motivation is that is may get a little warm next week. She's ready anyway. I will put on her CD and let her chill out to that for 30 minutes and then start it again if she still isn't asleep. Either way she will get an hour of "rest" Eventually, she will 'get it'

Stroller update: We, after MUCH deliberation, have decided to go with the pricey Phil & Ted's Vibe. My main reason is because I REFUSE to push around a double wide stroller when Lacey wants to walk, but I can't go with just a single because she will want to sit at some point. We need something will air filled tires since we do more walking than driving. A lot of people have suggested the Sit and Stand stroller but I think Lacey will still be too young for that. Plus with the Phil & Ted's it can be a double or single stroller with a push of a button. I am excited, but not sure where we will find that money!!

I will try to download some new pics a.s.a.p. I am pretty lazey with that!


Andrea said...

Laura's pants that you asked about are from the "garanimals" line at Walmart. $3.50 each and they have tops, cotton pants, sweat pants, sweat shirts and all... they all coordinate really well too! We have 3 pants and 2 long sleeve shirts that can all mix and match in 12 month size (what she's in for the 11 month picture) and then today I was at walmart again and picked up just one top and bottom in the 18 month size.
Can't beat the price of $3.50 each!

Annie said...

Oh wow! that is cheap, thanks! I will be finding and visiting Walmart this week!

beausoleil said...

I, too, had the double stroller dilemma. Here is what I found out (the hard way, of course). I hope it saves you some trouble and/or reaffirms your choice so here goes…I have the BOB single and love it. So when I found out I was pregnant I was inclined to go for the BOB duallie. I was walking/jogging everyday so I thought it was the best option. I purchased it new and wished I had bought it off craigslist and purchased the Vibe new. Since the BOB has been around longer there are more opportunities to purchase one used (and they are usually only $125) and I would not want to be without it on the outdoor walks. I really wanted to just have ONE stroller but I see now that that is not a possible (I have read that the Vibe doesn’t have great shocks and the kid in the back can touch the ground so we will see if it can replace my BOB on walks.) The turning radius and smooth ride make it an amazing stroller but it is wide (even though it is the narrowest of side-by-sides) and not as comfy as other strollers (like the VIBE). I notice the wide width the most when I am lifting it in and out of my SUV. It only folds down vertically (the way the single does) so it is still 30 inches wide when folded which makes for awkward transitions. I have finally convinced my hubby that I need an in-line as well. I am hoping that the VIBE will fit my needs but I will not be selling the BOB because I just bought it (and all the accessories) in April and I can’t bear to sell it for 1/7th of the cost. I know I will use it every day when we go for our walks and I am trying to offset the cost (and my guilt) by selling one of my lovely ladies (a beloved LV bag). Luckily my parents paid for the BOBs so don't feel as guilty about purchasing an expensive stroller, even though my husband doesn’t see it this way (YIKES)! I am hoping the VIBE will provide me with freedom to go where no side-by-side can and provide the boys a plush ride while we our out-and-about. I am ordering mine from They have them for $709 including the double kit and free shipping. They have them in stock but the website might not reflect that. I mentioned that to the owner when I spoke with her last week and she was in the process of changing the wording. I bought my BOB from them also and they are great and will price match if you find it cheaper somewhere else, although I have not seen the VIBE with toddler seat anywhere for her price (and I look daily) Hope this helps. I would love to know how it works out for you.